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2D-Origin : certified origin!

To fight the counterfeit or the falsification, 2D-Origin concept provides pertinent and reliable solution. Thanks to electronic signature, the 2D-Origin code constitutes a legal evidence of .informations written on the product (packaging) or on the document on which this code is printed.

2D-Origin : the renewed confidence! 

With the 2D-Origin codes, strengthen identification and authentication of your products or printed documents. Easy to spot through the "2D-Origin" reference, these codes contain precious data for your partners (consumers, users, distributors, etc.) wishing to verify the authenticity and the validity of your products or printed documents.

2D-Origin : the DNA of your products and documents

A 2D-Origin code contains more than simple information about your product or your document : it embeds items which allow integrity verification of these informations and guarantee of generation date of this code. All falsification or attempt to falsifiate will be automatically detected through the usage of the 2D-Orgin mobile app. This app can be downloaded for free on Apple Store and Google Store. It allows reading, decoding and verifying the 2D-Origin code status. In a few seconds, users or consumers are able to know if the product/document is authentic or if it is a counterfeit.


2D-Origin approach : the quality approach

In joining 2D-Origin, you commit to a quality approach. By guaranteeing authenticity and integrity of the informations printed on different supports (tags, packaging, documents, etc.), through electronic signature, you prove your commitment of transparency of your methods and processes.


How do you recognize a 2D-Origin code ?

A 2D-Origin code is a flashcode identifiable by the 2D-Origin mention bellow the code. You can read this code with any code reader app. However, only the 2D-Origin mobile app or the business application (using a 2D code scaner) will guarantee the authenticity of the code.




FIC 2017

 Dhimyotis will be present at the 9th International Cybersecurity Forum which will take place at Lille Grand Palais on 24th and 25th january 2017. Please come and visit us!